Mass Media Accreditation Procedure

1. To ensure normal operation of the mass media at various events, accreditation of the mass media representatives for GIDROAVIASALON-2016 exhibition is carried out in line with the Russian Federation Law On Mass Media and with these Regulations.

2. Accreditation of the mass media representatives is mandatory for work at all of GIDROAVIASALON-2016 events. Accreditation will be valid for the entire duration of GIDROAVIASALON-2016.

3. The following persons have the right to obtain accreditation: journalists, press photographers and camera operators of the Russian mass media registered with the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications in line with the Russian Federation Law On Mass Media, as well as foreign journalists accredited at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. Any persons who are not representatives of mass media, as well as any representatives of advertising publications, commercial catalogs or web portals have no right for accreditation.

5. GIDROAVIASALON-2016 organizing committee has the right to limit the number of accredited journalists or deny accreditation to a mass media representative who provided unreliable details of himself/herself or failed to go through the accreditation procedure within the prescribed period or breached the work rules at the event.

6. Those mass media representatives who wish to cover GIDROAVIASALON-2016 shall file the application for accreditation (hereinafter referred to as the Application). All boxes in the Application shall be completed. Those Applications which do not meet the requirements set forth in this Clause will be rejected.

7. Registration of the accredited journalists and issue of badges will be done at the “Registration” desk, provided that accreditation has been confirmed in GIDROAVIASALON-2016 press service database and the journalist seeking registration produced his/her journalist ID or editorial assignment.

8. An accredited mass media representative will have the following rights:
• attend business- and exhibition events;
• obtain information about the events program;
• conduct video- recording and photography at the premises of the event;
• use all services intended for journalists;
• subject to availability of the press center, work there during the event, using its facilities; and participate in press conferences, briefings and other media events.

9. An accredited journalist shall:

• wear the badge at all times when working at the event;
• while fulfilling the professional activities, produce, upon request, his/her journalist ID or another document certifying his identity and journalist authorities;
• never interfere with the course of the event unless such event is organized specifically for the press;
• ensure that information is true;
• obey the rules of the events and refrain from video-recording or photography when so requested by security service;
• when using official information or quoting the speech of participants, make sure that the final materials mention the name of the event and the source of information.

10. Availability of accreditation does not automatically allow access to the events requiring special invitations.

11. A special accreditation may be required on a number of occasions. Applicable notices will be published in section Press Center on the company’s official website.

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